Award winning social intranet

Award winning social intranet

A new custom intranet for Wellcome

trustnet homescreen on laptop and tablet


Replacing an old and muddled intranet with:

  • Clear prioritised information
  • Easy to use on mobile
  • Easier to find people
  • More interesting
  • Less corporate
menu wireframes


Working as lead designer in a multidisciplinary product team including content strategist, UX researcher, front and back end developers, and devOps.


User run groups built around teams, projects or personal interests with news and events curated by members.


Content tested guidance on how to work at Wellcome.

responsive floor plans



  • Toilets 
  • Kitchens
  • Catering
  • Printers

Finding space

  • Meeting rooms
  • Available space

Finding people

  • Teams
  • Desks
floor plan sketch


Staff can run groups, share news and events, and discussions they feel more connected as a result. “Trustnet isn’t different because of what it does, but how it’s made.”

Page views doubled

1,593,960 pageviews vs 869,993 

Usage became stickier

Bounce rates down by 7.36%

Content is more relevant

Pages per session 4.12 from 2.37

“I loooooove Trustnet. It’s really easy to use. And pretty.”

Wellcome Staff Survey

Award winning

Commended in the Nielsen Norman Intranet Awards

Trustnet gives staff the tools and information they need, to help people work better together. 

“the simplicity and elegance of its visual design and pared-down navigation, make this intranet engaging and easy to use.” 

Nilson Norman Group

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