Dino Directory

Dino Directory

Responsive revamp of our most popular pages 

responsive dino directory


  • creating multiple routes for exploration
  • increasing comprehension
  • providing meaningful onward journeys
  • reducing bounce rate
dinosaur scale sketches

Giving context

One of the most popular questions people have about dinosaurs is ‘how big were they?’.

Working with developers to make conditional calculations to choose an appropriately positioned human, looking up, looking down and crouching, to scale against an appropriate dinosaur body-shape.

sauropod scale silhouette next to human
large therapod scale silhouette next to human
small therapod scale silhouette next to human

Finding new ways to search and filter

mobile first dinodirectory sketches co-design
dino directory filter sentences

While the dino directory pages were some of the most popular pages on the site, often with 1st position in google searches for popular dinosaurs, they also had the highest bounce rate.

To reduce bounce rate we wanted to use the metadata to return more relevant stories and by linking from the stats we allowed people to explore other similar dinosaurs. Into velociraptors? Find more small therapods or other carnivores, or dinosaurs who lived in the Late Cretaceous, or were found in Mongolia.

New responsive grid

Although it was one of the most popular areas of the site, it wasn’t included in the previous re-platforming project so with more than 60% traffic on mobile it was essential to make the dino directory responsive as well as an opportunity to try out a new responsive grid.

triceratops mobile grid
Gallimimus mobile grid mockup
Micropachycephalosaurus mobile grid mockup
diplodocus mobile grid
diplodocus tablet grid mockup
diplodocus desktop grid mockup

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